by Reckoner

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Full album out in October 20015! These tracks are unmixed and mastered everything is still In works.


released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Reckoner Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reckoner is what hardcore and metal have failed to provide in a very long time, sincere unabashed anger that does not blur the lines nor confuse with clichéd, cookie cutter images and replicated musical textures. This is what hardcore was meant to sound like, damn mad. ... more

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Track Name: Adversary
Dont panic
Well drag them out around the town
strip em down and take the crown
O we just started to have some fun but your reign on top
had to stop cause
we heard some things
And a southern bell never
kiss and tells.
O you wanna talk shit
you wanna talk slick.
but we know you aint about shit
you wanna talk shit
you wanna talk slick
I'd love to set you straight
Point out all of your mistakes
Put you on stage and watch you
Cause we know your copying
And you sound like a bunch of fakes.

How many times do I have to tell you whats worng?
You been playing God
we let you have your fun
but were back.
The boys are back
and its a new dawn in space
theirs a new terror To face .
Everyday we go through shit
Just to get up agian
And we take it
because its all we know
what were told.

Come agian out the dark step aside let me see you
The henchmen comes to take his toll away to release your blood for gold.
The henchmen comes to take his toll away to release you from your lies.
See we caught you red handed we got you red handed this time.

I dont care what you plan on saying
everything is over rated
your just jaded
I cant even think
cant even breath
everything is closing in on me. Push me to the edge
now im on the ledge
im taking everybody down with me
I have enough kerosene
just sit back and watch you all fucking scream

Everyday we go through shit
Just to get up agian
And we take it
because its all we know
what were told.
Track Name: Full Cricle
The Ground Crumbles beneath you,
So watch your step.
She floats away at night to places out of sight.
Only seen in Sliver screens, Rabbit holes and time machines
I don’t know how we got here
But I’m feeling a little contagious
In my own nightmares
The drugs are wearing thin,
The needle spins full circle.
I watched you float away.
I always knew you would just fuck things up,
But I’ll remember to tell them all.
There’s a better way a better way a better time
A better place other than this one
The record spins in patterns across an empty sky
I watched you die.
I can save you but it’s gonna cost
You’re the soul the devils dues and everything you got
I can’t take this again, I won’t make a mends
There always some type of disaster inside and the bastard’s survivor
And it’s always the damned that die.
Crawling out your holes
Falling from your holes
Falling down
The ground crumbles beneath you so watch your step
She floats away at night with her demons by her side
The needle never bends and time never ends.
Its comes full circle